Building ASSIMP

Notes on building ASSIMP

  • Read CMakeLists.txt to find the right variables to change.
  • Enable/Disable importers with ASSIMP_BUILD_XXX_IMPORTER option
  • I've only been able to build its Android lib in static for Android Studio projects so far.
  • To link to the files in INSTALL directory should be the most convenient. To change the default install directory, use -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="".
  • The install command by default requires not only ASSIMP project to be build, but also the Viewer app, which causes some erroron Windows using MinGW toolchain. I had to disable building it with -DASSIMP_BUILD_ASSIMP_TOOLS=OFF.
  • On windows the "qt-viewer" target requires "QT5 DevIL". Without that the viewer app will not be built. To get the prebuilt app there has been a 3.x version installer in the project's release tab.
  • The command line tool "assimp.exe" is useful to log basic info of a model file.